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Dentures and false teeth



What are dentures?
A denture is a type of replacement for missing teeth. It is designed to be inserted and removed each day.


Dentures are custom made for each individual patient. They can be partial (if you still have some of your own teeth) or full (if you have no remaining teeth).


What are dentures made of?

Dentures are made out of acrylic, metal-chrome based or a flexible material known as Valplast.

Different materials are more suitable than others in certain circumstances. We can advise you on what options are available.


Why do I need dentures?

When teeth are missing and gaps cannot be filled with something fixed, such as a Bridges   , a denture may be a solution.


What is the process for getting dentures?

Every denture is custom made to accurately fit each patient.

We work in conjunction with a skilled dental technician to produce a result that feels comfortable and looks good.

Making a denture usually takes five or six visits to our practice.

The key steps involved in creating your dentures:

  • Impressions are taken of your teeth to record the shape of your mouth
  • A record of how your upper and lower teeth/jaws bite together is taken
  • A wax version of your denture will be produced to test how it fits and to check you are happy with the appearance of your new denture
  • The wax denture will be adjusted to achieve a result that we are both happy with
  • Your denture will finished off by a technician and fitted at your next appointment
  • Your dentist will fit your dentures, advise you on how to insert and remove them
  • You will be given advice on how to get used to your new denture and the best ways to look after them
  • We will arrange a follow up review appointment to see how you are getting on and to make any adjustments needed to your dentures.
  • It is normal for dentures to need adjusting after they have been fitted to achieve a comfortable fit. This can take several visits depending on each individual patient.


How do I look after my dentures?

Dentures should be kept as clean as possible.

  • Remove your dentures at night:

Always remove your dentures before you go to bed at night time. This allows the skin inside your mouth to rest and prevents fungal infection.

It also helps to prevent damage to any remaining teeth, caused by plaque accumulation on the denture.


  • Brush your dentures:

In the same way that you would brush your teeth, all the surfaces of your denture should be regularly cleaned with a denture brush and a non abrasive paste, such as Curaprox, which are available at the practice.

When brushing, pay particular attention to the surfaces of the denture which fit next to your mouth and any remaining teeth.


Top tip: Fill the sink with water and clean the denture over the sink. This helps to prevent the denture breaking if you accidentally drop it during cleaning.


  • Soak your dentures:

Occasionally you should soak your denture in a denture cleansing solution.

We recommend both Curaprox and Dentural denture soak solutions and we can advise on the one that is suitable for your type of denture.

When it is not being worn for any length of time, keep your denture in water or a sealed bag with a few drops of water.


Are dentures painful?

New dentures usually take a little getting used to and can be uncomfortable at first.

We will arrange a review appointment to see how you are getting on and make any adjustments needed until you are happy with your new dentures.

What happens if my dentures rub or don’t fit properly?

If your dentures are uncomfortable and you do not have a review appointment already arranged, please contact reception for us to arrange a visit to review and adjust your dentures as needed.


How much do dentures cost?

The cost of your denture will vary depending on the materials used and the type of denture you have chosen.

Your dentist will advise you of this at the time of booking and provide you with a written estimate.


  • Acrylic dentures start from £629
  • Valplast flexible dentures start from £695
  • Metal based dentures start from £925


The cost of dentures are included in the Complete  Care Plans   however patients will be required to pay a contribution to cover technician costs involved in having their dentures made.


For full pricing details, download our latest Price Guide


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